Meet the folks of Oak Springs Texas. Word of advice for y'all. There could be spoilers, so please be sure to have read the latest book in the series before  you explore!  

Paxton Monroe

Kindergarten teacher at at Oak Springs Elementary. High school sweetheart heart of Steed Parker.

Age 28 brown hair/blue eyes 

Claire Higgins

Mother of Lily Higgins, Chloe Parkers best friend.  

Harley Carbajal

Tripp's high school sweetheart . Left Oak Springs to go to college to be a vet.


Lily's daughter. Works at the Cafe. 

Jonathon Turner

Cord's best friend and contractor and married to Waylynn

Lane Lewis

Teacher at Oaks Springs elementary. Was Mitchell's nemesis in high school

Kenzie Lewis

Lane's sister and reporter for the Oak Springs Gazette 

Kendall Young

Amelia's friend from high school. 

Sheriff Miller

Oak Springs sheriff

Robert and Mary

Mitchell's friend and his wife. Owns dairy farm in Oak Springs

Kristin and Rip Myers

Jonathon's parents

Hollie Turner

Jonathon's sister


Manager at Cord's place

Samantha Bush

Dance instructor

Liberty Wilson

Young lady Waylynn and Jonathon adopted Liberty from

Gerald Harris

Doc's brother 


Owns Lanes Grill 

Claire Montigo

Old Classmate of Tripp's  

Mrs. Lords

City Council member and owner of the Gazette  

Julie and Louise

Vet techs at Harley's vet clinic  

Connor Watson

Bar Manager

Corina Miller

First grade teacher at at Oak Springs Elementary. Best friend of Paxton's from Chicago.

Married to Mitchell Parker

Age 28 blonde hair/blue eyes 

Jack Wilson

Waylynn Parker's ex husband and multimillionaire. Lives in New York City.


Owns Lily's Cafe on the square in downtown Oak Springs

Mrs. Johnson

Known for her famous pies! 

Mike and Wanda

Wade's aunt and uncle

Karen Monroe

Tripps legal secretary

Doc Harris

Oak Springs veterinarian 

Old Lady Hopkins

Caught Waylynn in studio with Jonathan.

Dr. Hackerman

ER doctor

Scarlett Littlefield

Melanie's best friends daughter

Evie Turner

Jonathon's sister

Dalton, Hope, and Rip 

Jonathan's brother and sisters

Maggie Camden 

Dance instructor

Carrie Mills

Gymnastics Instructor/Waylynn's best friend

Toby Warner

Fire Chief of Oak Springs

Jackson Hill

Fire fighter in Oak Springs

Bobby Hansen 

City Council Member 

Scott Montigo 

Tripp's best friend from high school

Lori Durham 

City Council member and owner of the local grocery store

Mindy Crawford 


Joyce and Dalton Littlefield

Scarlet's parents

Kylie Burks

Cord's friends with benefits friend from high school and college

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