Meet the Parker family!

Oldest child of John and Melanie
32 years old
Blonde hair/Blue eyes
Married to Jonathon Turner, daughter Liberty
Owns a dance studio in Oak Springs.
Oldest son of John and Melanie. 
30 years old
Brown hair/Blue eyes
Lawyer, wants to run for mayor of Oak Springs 
Twin brother
28 years old
Brown hair/Blue eyes
Works for John on ranch
Married to Paxton
Daughter is Chloe
Son is Gage

John and Melanie

Owners of Frio River ranch and head of the Parker family. 

Steed's twin brother
28 years old
Brown hair/Blue eyes
Texas Ranger Cop turned cowboy! Works on father's ranch and is married to Corina. 
26 years old
Brown hair/Green eyes
Owns Cord's Place, local country western bar on the square in Oak Springs. Engaged to Maebh. 
Youngest son 
24 years old
Brown hair/Gray eyes
Runs Frio River Ranch with his father.
22 years old
Strawberry red hair/Blue eyes
Youngest daughter/child
New York Times bestselling author who
writes romance and historical books.  
Married to Wade Adams

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